Friday, June 11, 2010

Davis Geo Paintings part 2

The second Geo is also a Davis painting like the last one I posted this painting was done in 1947. This painting is not named or the name is missing as part of a tag from a art show on the backside of it is missing that would have had the price and could have had the name of the painting on it. The painting was shown/sold? at The Sixty-Seventh Annual exhibition of the San Francisco Art Association at The San Francisco Museum of Art on February 25 to March 28 1948. The painting is egg tempera on canvas. This painting is spotless and perfect in every way with no damage. The painting seems a bit more experimental than the first one I posted and has a lot more going for it, I guess if I could name it I would call it "Fish & Arrows" it does combine many different techniques for applying paint which where pretty unique for the times.

I did not have very good pictures of this one,,Blah