Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mid Century Paintings. painting #1 Spatial Rhythms

I have some Mid Century Modern Art that I figured I would blog about as the paintings are some of my favorite possessions. Most of my original art is by 2 different artists. I have 10 painting by one artist and 2 from another. Doing the tag sale hustle does pay of with great stuff from time to time. The first painting is the one in my avatar. It is 1 of 4 similar themed paintings I have I refer to these 4 as the "Geo's" This one is was painted in 1948 and is named Spatial Rhythms. The painting is Egg Tempera on Canvas. There is no price or show information on the back of this one but going off the others I would imagine this was about a $100 to $125 dollar painting in 1948. The artist is man named Jack Davis who actually has a very interesting painting career. He is a old timer but I was able to reach him on the phone and talk to him about his paintings and he was a very nice guy who seemed thrilled that I like his art. Most of my paintings from him come from early in his career. The guy was pretty cool not many 90+ year old guys know what a Wassily Chair is.

This painting is of medium size and is probably the most damaged of the bunch with some cracks in the paint here and there but the camera seems to emphasize them thats for sure!!


  1. Wow! As an artist myself, and lover of all things mid-century, this is exceptionally cool!

    And to talk to the artist is even better! If you document the art, or hopefully get him to write a short letter about it and sign it, will increase it's value greatly. Include all info about the artist with the artwork (affix an envelope on the back to assure the info stays with the art).

  2. Thanks. Most of the paintings have a provenance on the back of them and came from Modern Art Museums or well known galleries. This painting did not have much info but it is signed. I'll make a blog about another one tonight.

  3. Wait- you OWN these?! At first glance I figured these photos were from a trip to an art gallery or something! SO awesome that you scored these, and even better that you were able to talk with the artist!!!