Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Last Weekends DM

I picked up a ton of stuff to sell last weekend but not much to keep. I am going to fix this Laurel Lamp up and use it and the Decanter was pretty cool for 50 cents even though I have no use for stuff like this but I liked the form so it came home with me.

The decanter I picked up on Friday night at a Church Sale. Some of the church's around here have Friday night early buyer night for their Tag Sales where you pay $5 to get in early. I scored a bunch of decent stuff to sell on Ebay but not much I am interested in keeping. The only thing even close to modern was the Danish Modern Decanter. No name but the bottom of the stopper is stamped "Made in Denmark" for 50 cents I just could not leave it there!!

The lamp I picked up Sunday morning at a Sunday only Estate Sale in the next town over. I got there kind of late at about 8:15 and the sale was starting at 9 but they were not letting anyone in early. So I got in line. They open the doors at 9 and inform the crowd that the sale is only on the first floor in 3 rooms...some estate sale. The last room I walk in I see this nice low sleek table lamp. It has some bad water ring marks and the wrong shade but no dents, cracks or chips in the wood,upon closer inspection low and behold it is a Laurel Lamp. Wohoo $10 and I am out the door. I know its not the greatest lamp but I just like the design of it and the low table height of 20" looks sleek and will sit nice next to one of my low slung chairs. I have picked up at least a dozen or so funky table/lamp combos over the year but I like this one the most. The magazine rack is Suede hung from 2 steel rods and is also in great shape with no rips damage.


  1. Note .. I know to the hardcore about dm stuff..american stuff is just DM style

  2. I don't care where it was made, that lamp/table is really nice! Great score.