Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fun Record Score from 2 weeks ago

I stopped at a tag sale late in the morning just as it was starting to rain a couple weeks ago and they did not have much but they did have 4 boxes of records. From about 4 feet away it looks like the typical crappy old people records ( Polka, Christmas Music Ect ) I was shocked to start finding lots of good Reggae, Dub, Ska & Punk Records in the mix of of crappy records. From Devo To the Dead Kennedys, Rita Marley, King Tubby and some local mid 80's punk records in the mix also. I have been picking up records from sales for years and have great Jazz,Blues,Swing,Classic Rock collection just because it was main stream music but stuff like this just does not turn up very often. Not my best record score $$ wise but probably my favorite so far. She gave me a deal because I bought so many of them so it came out to about 25 cents each ;) Thanks Lady


  1. nice haul!

    you like junk? so do i! so does my bf. we both have blogs (his is called "go go rockin") and i think the three of us have similar taste! we are going to be good blog friends, i can tell :D

  2. subscribed to both :) happy junking!!