Monday, May 17, 2010

Blog Name Change..Radtro.Com Blah Blah Blah

Well with my one lame post and my massive fail in terms of blogging about tag-sales this year. I figured I would change the name of the blog. I bought a few weeks back and hope to get a small online store going sometime in the fall. I have been working on the page and learning Dreamweaver at the same time in my spare time...what spare time? As far as tag sale scores this year. Ive got a some great antique tools for very cheap that I flipped on Ebay and did very good on. I picked up a few decent industrial antiques along the way too. Since I do LOVE to BBQ I picked up a very clean almost Unused early 70's Weber 22" Grill in a Grey color (Ive never seen another one this color) ..ahh the simple things that please me. This past weekend I got a nice Laurel Danish Modern Floor Lamps / Table / Magazine Holder for a song. It has some water ring marks I need to get rid of and needs a proper shade but it has a great look. It always humors me how unaware the tag sale competition around here is to certain things.

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  1. Perhaps I need to come shopping in your neighborhood. Danish modern is my friend. Thanks for stopping by MCM. Looking forward to pictures of your tag sale scores.